Sunday, October 21, 2007

Camel Racing

With the recent outbreak of Equine Influenza the local racing club decided to run some Camel races to try to attract the crowds. It certainly worked as the place was packed with punters, possibly a little too packed. But it was a good laugh and everyone had a good time.
If you are wondering why the photos are of such poor quality it is because I was attempting to use my Dads old Canon AT-1 35mm film camera with some some Ilford XP-2 B&W film. Digital certainly does make life easier.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Long Weekend

I know there hasn't been a blog entry for a while but to be honest we haven't been up to anything interesting of late. So to make up for our lack of physical activity the long weekend was spent snorkelling, bush walking and doing some more snorkelling. All and all a very enjoyable weekend, although compared to thesis writing cutting my toe nails is exciting.

It took the combined effort of three PhD's to read the map.
On the way to Red Rock Cave, a site of some aboriginal paintings in the Blue Mts.

A Jacky lizard, although this is open to debate.

An Eastern Bearded Dragon, very much alive. This guy had everyone fooled with his playing dead routine.