Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kosciuszko National Park

Aleisha and I decided to make the most of our new found freedom, as well as sweet new camping gear and headed to Kosciuszko National Park for a spot of tramping. We skived off work a bit early to avoid the Easter holiday traffic and after 6 hrs arrived in Jindabyne. It turns out that Jindabyne is a bigger crap hole than Manapouri (long story) and even though it was the Easter long weekend all the accommodation in town had shut up shop by 7 pm. It turns out that this was a blessing in disguise as we ended up spending the night car camping in the National Park where we spotted a Wombat. The next day we headed off into the wilderness...

Wilderness - The main highway heading up to the summit, sorry summit is a little misleading as even though it is the highest peak in Oz it is only ~2300 m.

Camp Day 1 - After a few hours of nice weather it turned a little crud.

Camp Day 2 - We decided to be unaustralian and walk off the main trail, we were rewarded with having a valley all to ourselves.

Panorama from camp made with Autostitch.

This little critter is either an Agile Antechinus or a Broad Toothed Rat, although we are leaning toward the Antechinus.

After four years in Oz we finally managed to spot our first Frog, I will not even try to identify which one it is.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kanangra-Boyd National Park

As we have had the new car for quite a while but not put it to good use, Aleisha and I decided to take the Hulk out to stretch its legs. The destination was Kanangra-Boyd National Park just west of the Blue Mountains. Much to my relief the Hulk did not fall apart on the 30 km of crappy gravel roads. While it was too hot for serious tramping it was a nice weekend away from Sydney.

Jacky Lizard (a really fat one)

The Hulk at the campsite

The Kanangra Walls

Western Australia - Critters

A Wedge Tailed Eagle


Stromatolites - The oldest known living organisms on the planet. You have these little buggers to thank for the oxygen we breath today (or that God dude if you are that way inclined).

Dugong - Apparently these fat beasts are surpose to be what started the tale of mermaids.

A friendly Quoka on Rottnest Island, which is just off the coast of Perth.

A White-breasted Robin

Western Australia

Just a few photos from out WA honeymoon road trip.

The great wee Corolla that we flogged for 5000 km.

The Pinnacles just north of Perth.

We were lucky enough to see a the Carnarvon river flooding which was due to rain inland a couple of days earlier. In my rush to take the photo I didnt put my shoes on and subsequntly severly burnt the bottom of my feet on the molten concrete, so enjoy the photo.

Termite mounds on the road to Ningaloo reef.

Coral Bay - A bit more like your usual honeymoon location.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wedding Reception

Due to popular demand I have decided to post the photos of the infamous bouquet tossing.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Fishing Trip

As the madness of the last few months has finally come to an end I finally have time to post some photos of the fishing trip.

Iain hooks into the big one, it got away, but it was huge! Honest!

Sneaky Pete took the prize for best fish. It must have been due to the gigantic sunglasses that allowed him to peer into the depths.

Tasty Fish.

One of many fish caught on the day.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Wedding photos are all online

Well the wedding photos are all online now, all 600 of them. We have set up the old website again so just go to or click on the link.