Thursday, November 13, 2008


This year I decided to throw away the small amount of dignity that I had left and grow a Mo, for a good cause of course. While the initial progress had me having second thoughts, the second week gave better results and its now becoming a passable Mo. I have been pleasently surprised by the number of donations that I have received with my total already over $200. To check out the Mo progress see the link. If you would like to sponsor the Mo and support a great cause then please follow this link. Remember you can only make fun of the Mo if you sponsor me.

Goodbye Hulk

Well all good things must come to an end. With us heading to NZ for almost a month over Christmas and then off to Canada soon after it was time to goodbye to the Hulk (our car). Unfortunately we picked a poor time to sell with petrol prices coming back to earth and the economy hitting the shitter meaning the selling price wasn't great. But to be honest the Hulk wasn't without its faults (climbing too many mountains and fording too many streams) and I doubt we will be buying a Hyundai again anytime soon.