Monday, June 21, 2010

Wasootch Ridge

It looks like hiking season has finally started here in Calgary. After weeks of rain the sun came out in force this weekend so we made the most of it and headed for the mountains. The trip was to Wasootch ridge which is a ~11km return trip with ~700 m gain. We didnt quite make it all the way along the ridge, some rather ominous clouds started to roll in and an exposed ridge is the last place you want to be in a thunder storm.

A view from close to the top

Looking back down Washootch Ridge

Rest time

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Saabaru

Much to everyones surprise we have managed to survive the last 18 months in Calgary without owning a car. I actually think that if it wasnt for the insane winters here we could probably do without one for quite a few more years. But after putting a rental car into a snow bank this winter we decided for our own personal safety that we needed a car. After much thought, discussion and analysis the logical choice that Aleisha and I came up with was a 5 door 2006 or 2007 Subaru Impreza. In North America Subaru only make AWD cars and from 2006 there were a bunch of safety and mechanical improvements over the previous years models. After test driving (aka thrashing) a 2010 Impreza at the dealership (same engine and drive train as the 06) the decision was sealed. Over the last few months we have been keeping our eyes on the local used car market but were getting a little despondent at the price and quality of used Impreza's. Then last week a car caught our eye and after test driving it a few times and getting it checked out we parted with our hard earned money and bought the Saab 9-2x.
You see, Subaru has had a complex life. Back when GM wasnt loosing a massive amount of money each day (just a few million) they owned Saab and a small share in Subaru. A few of the designers over at Saab couldnt be bothered designing a new car so they figured they would take a Subaru Impreza, add a few new body panels and call it a Saab. So our car, the Saab 9-2x was born.

Our Saabaru in its new home after its first clean and polish.

Is it a Saab, is it a Subaru, no its a Saabaru!

People from warm climates may not recognise these two buttons, they are for the heated seats. It also has has a luxurious moon roof (sun roof). Also notice that it doesnt feature the usual Nth American lazy fat man drive system, instead you "manually" control the gears, amazing!