Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back in Action

The blog may hasnt seen much action of late and thats because we havent been up to much. You see, I had a mole removed from my leg (nothing serious) and that has put me out of action for the last month. Doctors orders were no hiking/biking for a few months. That seemed a little ridiculous so last weekend Aleisha and I escaped the confines of our house and went on a road trip to the wine region of Kelowna in BC. We were lucky enough to have Stefan and Claire drive in from Vancouver and join us for the trip. It was our first trip to the Okanagan region and I think we will be heading there again soon. The combination of sun, water and fine wine is tough to beat.

Not a bad view

The warmer weather in the region (technically Canada's only desert) gives rise to some diverse wildlife.

Admiring the fine wine.

While it was a long drive (~700 km) the scenery was never dull.