Wednesday, April 21, 2010

East End of Rundle - Second attempt

This year Aleisha and I are trying to make sure that we get into the mountains every weekend. However, as we are now in shoulder season there are limited mountain activities. While there is still plenty of snow about, it is all spring slop and no good for any type of skiing. This is currently limiting us to the few front range hikes that are clear of snow and avalanche danger.
This weekends hike was to East End of Rundle (Eeor to the locals), a short sharp slog of a peak right next door to Ha-Ling, the hike we did a couple weeks ago. I did the hike with my research group last year but managed to get lost trying to find the correct route to the summit so I was keen to make up for my previous failure. Much to my relief we did find the correct route but it was some what challenging and Aleisha decided to take the safe option and not climb the final 40 m. I ignored my better judgment and scrambled to the top to be rewarded with a rather impressive view.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter R & R

Unfortunately Canadians are a little stingy with their holidays so our Easter long weekend was only extended by one day. Despite the short long weekend we still managed to get out and about. On Friday we headed up to Sunshine for some downhill skiing and while the weather gods rewarded us with a recent dump of powder they also decided to punish us with poor visibility. On Sunday we decided to take a risk and try to get in a sneaky first hike of the season. The trip was a short and sharp slog up Ha Ling Peak. Its a pretty popular hike in summer but thankfully the snow/ice covered trail and howling winds kept the trail relatively quiet.

Aleisha making the final push to the top

View of the township of Canmore from the top.

We enjoyed the trip, honest!