Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chester Lake - An oldie but a goodie

Hiking season is finally upon us so we decided to revisit an old friend, Chester Lake. It is possibly the busiest trail on this side of the rockies and has a car park that would be big enough for a WalMart as proof of its popularity. But it is popular for a reason, bang for buck it cant be beaten! It is an especially good place to take novice hikers as we were doing today. While we have done the hike a number of times for some reason we have never pushed all the way to the end of the trail so that's what we did today. I'm glad we did, as it turned out to be a truly spectacular area.

The second lake, notice the massive avalanche remnants that is half filling the lake, it must have been an impressive slide.

Summer hiking in the Rockies...

Hoary marmot, love those guys.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Apologies for the lack of Blog updates of late, once you stop posting it is difficult to get back into the habit.
Things have been busy over the last few months. Firstly, we moved into a new condo, although it is only 100m away from the previous one. I have also started looking for work out in the real world. Unfortunately our permanent residence application has not been processed and that is making the job hunt a little more challenging. But enough of that boring stuff, I know you all want to see exciting photos of exciting places...

Over the weekend we headed out to Golden in BC with the aim of doing the Burgess Shale hike/tour. The Burgess Shale is possibly the most important fossil site ever discovered and as such you need to book the trip months in advance. Also as it is a world heritage site it is not possible to get to the site by yourself.
Unfortunately there was a massive rock slide on the highway that blocked the road and stopped us from getting to the hike. However, as we were already camping out there we figured we would try to get in a hike anyway. After consulting a rough road map and navigating some even rougher forestry roads we managed to find a hiking trail. In the end the hike was good, apart from the hordes of communist mosquitoes.

The town of Golden

Quartz Lake

Avalanche debris