Sunday, June 29, 2008

Car Camping

This weekend we headed out of Sydney for a bit of lazy car camping, the destination was Mogo Creek in Yengo National Park. The place was packed with birds including a couple of friendly Eastern Yellow Robins.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Much to my relief the PhD is finally completely over and I am officially no longer a student.

Budawang National Park

Alesiha and I decided to make the most of the long weekend and headed out for a bit of tramping. The location was the Budawang National park which is known for its spectacular views and rugged terrain. The weather forecast was less than perfect but we figured it would be character building. The first day was pretty nice but the terrain got the better of us and after only going at ~1km/hr for a while we revaluated our plans for the following days. This was probably a good idea as the weather packed in on the second day and the track turned into a bog making the going even tougher. Thankfully the weather cleared on the third day making the trip back a little nicer.

The view after the first days effort.

A nice spot for lunch and the last photo from the trip as I dont have a waterproof case for my camera!