Monday, November 29, 2010

General update

The last few months have seemed to fly by with nothing really exciting happening, hence the lack of blog activity. The only notable exception being my Science paper coming out and research group getting 15 min of fame in the local media. Other than that we spent most of the weekends working on research proposals or our permanent residency application so didn't get out much. Until recently there also wasn't any snow in the Mts so there wasn't a lot of outdoor activities that we really wanted to do.
Last week we finally got our first good dump of snow, ~25cm in Calgary, so the Mts are starting to look better for skiing. Hopefully the weather will be miserable in December while we are in Hawaii and when we come back there will be a crud load of snow waiting for us.

Johnston Canyon is an absolute tourist mecca but when its -10 the hoards thin out and it made for an interesting hike.

Last weekend it was -22 out but Aleisha and I decided to get our first day of XC skiing in. Turned out that -22 is too cold.

With the snow comes the bad road conditions, thankfully we have our Saabaru so we no longer have to drive Nth American shit boxes. We also picked up some new snow tires/rims just before the snow so the car is an absolute dream on the snow/ice.