Tuesday, December 13, 2011

West Bragg Creek

The snow has finally started to settle in the front ranges meaning that good XC skiing is only 30 min, rather than 2 hr drive away. The snow started to fall on Saturday night and by Sunday morning we had a good 15 cm on the ground. Snow coverage was a little thin in places but overall pretty good considering how early in the season it is. With the temperature staying around -10 C we may even be able to get a few laps in around our local park. 

Aleisha enjoying our lovely skier set tracks

Gary, the special cat.

In cat related news, Gary is going well with minimal damage to our new furniture. Although he has developed a habit of going to sleep on our necks and chewing on our hair, he's a little special....  

Monday, December 05, 2011


We were hoping to head out cross country skiing this weekend but a shock and awe snow storm came out of nowhere and blanked Calgary and surrounding roads with 15-20 cm of snow. Unfortunately little of the snow landed on the Mts so we decided to avoid the slick roads and insane local drivers and spend the day in Calgary.

The walking path was in better condition than the roads.