Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lake O'Hara

A few weeks ago we managed to get back to one of our favourite locations, Lake O'Hara. As the hut is a pretty popular spot you need to book your trip long before there is any chance of knowing what the weather will do and its expensive enough that you dont want to cancel at the last minute.
When we left from the car in the morning it was -25 C with windchill taking it down to -45 C, it was not pleasant. Thankfully once we got out of the valley bottom the wind dropped and the temperatures held around a balmy -20 C. In the end it wasnt too bad, the trip in is all up hill so we generating plenty of our own heat.
I had hoped to hike up into the upper valleys but in the end there was just not enough time to get any where with a really good view of the numerous glaciers. I guess we will just have to head back next year.

Karl and Aleisha on the trip in.

Our cosy cabin

Lake O'Hara is always worth the trip

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blatant self promotion

After months of arguing with reviewers about insignificant problems our paper has finally made it. I would have thought that with positive reviews from four, yes four, referees that three rounds of reviews would not be necessary.